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Modern heating technology from Viessmann can reduce fossil fuel consumption and help to mitigate the effects of climate change

Gas-fired wall-mounted condensing boiler with modulating stainless steel cylinder burner and Inox-Radial heat exchanger surface.

Radiant Floor Heating

Here's how it works. Radiant floor heating systems circulate warm water through tubing embedded in the floor of your home. The heat radiates up through the floor, warming the people, furnishings and air in the room. The warmth stays down around where the people are, not up at the ceiling or lost to the outdoors every time a door or window is opened. It's a comfortable, even heat that eliminates cold spots and drafts.

Viessmann - Efficiency up to 96.1% AFUE - Low Mass- Best Warranty

Viessmann - Efficiency up to 96.1% AFUE - Low Mass- Best Warranty

  • - At approximately 40%, home heating accounts for the greatest proportion of energy consumption and most C02 emissions. By replacing an outdated heating system with a modern solution, you can significantly improve energy utilization – reducing fuel consumption as well as harmful greenhouse gas emission.

Lochinvar - Efficiency up to 96.1% AFUE- Low Mass

Lochinvar meets very strict ENERGY STAR efficiency guidelines set by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. Its remarkable 96% AFUE* efficiency rating means that 96 cents of every energy dollar you spend with your gas utility provider goes directly into heating your home. In lower-temperature applications such as radiant floor heating, Lochinvar can deliver even higher thermal efficiencies up to 99%.

Carrier Comfort 80 Boiler

Viessmann Boilers

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